** A Puppy For Christmas

MarVista Entertainment, Brain Power Studio

Cindy Busby, Greyston Holt, Christopher Russell

Noelle (Cindy Busby) is a writer who has always wanted a puppy. Upon the urging of her friend, she decides to give her “allergic” future fiance a puppy named Buster. But things don’t go well and she finds herself with an ex-boyfriend, without an apartment or place to live, and failing drastically at her job as a writer. One of her co-workers invites her to come to his grandfather’s Christmas tree farm, to help her out. His fiance is arriving in a few days, and he’s planned an incredible week to show her the wonderful place he spent his childhood, and the wonderful sights of winter in the the country. But his fiance doesn’t show up, and he’s having a wonderful time showing Noelle around. But when Noelle’s finance has a change of heart and arrives to change his mind and propose, she has a lot to think about.

This UP TV Christmas 2016 premier film is a fun adventure with lots of fun and colorful characters. Yes, it’s a romance, naturally, but it also has a lot of interesting characters and quite a few fun times. The puppy is a little brat, but it really cute I guess. What can you say about an adorable little puppy. Things happen quickly as this film wraps up, but it has a lot of heart. This is one of the better UP movies I’ve seen this year, and is well worth the time watching it. I enjoyed it, and there have been a lot of dog Christmas movies that weren’t very good, so it’s nice that this one, though predictable of course, is a nice little film.

Here is the UPTV.COM page for this movie.

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