** A Heartland Christmas

Seven24 Films,

Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter, Shaun Johnston, Nicholas Campbell, Helene Joy, Jessica Amlee, Kerry James, Cindy Busby

Lou (Michelle Morgan) finds her husband away before Christmas, and she’s set on making the perfect Christmas. Amy (Amber Marshall) is more of an impulsive person, and she feels like she’s messing things up for Lou, but when she learns of a team of horses trapped by an avalanche, she determines that the Heartland Clan must head out to rescue them. But they quickly find that they are in worse shape than they thought, and to top it off, the owner of the horses is an angry man who doesn’t want them rescued.

This is on the very edge of a Christmas film. There’s really only mention of the holiday a few times, and a Christmas song in the background if you are listening very carefully. If you’re familiar with the Heartland series, then you’ll know the characters, but aside from the fact that it’s billed as a Christmas movie with very little Christmas in it, it’s a pretty good adventure with the rescue of the horses and the issues with the cranky old man who owns them. All in all they bring in the home and the family, and wrap it around fairly well, even without the usually Christmas stuff. It’s not the most moving Christmas film I’ve ever seen, but especially if you’re a fan of the Heartland series, then you’ll want to check it out for sure.

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