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Alexandra Paul, Maureen McCormick, Janet Carroll, Jason Brooks, Judy Landers, Vanessa Angel, Mariah Buzolin

Riley (Aaron Jaeger) is bummed. His mother is losing her job, and working loads of overtime at Christmas. Riley says he’s lost the Christmas spirit, when a real Christmas Spirit named Hope shows up to teach him a lesson. She assigns him to find the Christmas spirit himself and to bring it to another family. He’s led to a family in Malibu who isn’t have a very nice holiday. Mom is a children’s book writer who’s has writers block. Dad is working hard to crunch the numbers and find a way to merge companies which will lay off a lot of people, and the daughter is always in trouble. None of them are close to each other. Riley arrives and tries to bring them together, but nothing he does seems to make any difference.

This movie was originally released as “Christmas Spirit” and then re-released as “A Christmas Puppy”. What the puppy has to do with it is really dubious. The story is rather horrid, but I guess to make it appear a little more palatable, the put the little puppy on the cover and made it look like a cute little story about a puppy. But it turns out that the family HAS a dog, and that’s about it. The opening of the movie has a little kid voice narrate the beginning and the very end. I suppose this is supposed to be “A Christmas Puppy” telling the story, but it truly doesn’t make any sense. I am not sure if the original title had the narration or if this is something they added to sell the whole puppy idea. Then this kid jumps the wall into a fancy home in Mailbu and proceeds to stay all day when nobody knows him. The spirit pops in and out whenever the so called plot calls for it, but she’s the worst Christmas spirit I’ve ever seen. She’s a hell of a lot more like Flo the Progressive Insurance lady. Basically this story is really lame, and the acting is really lame, and the whole premise is pretty lame. There’s nothing to see here, so move along, move along. This truly is one of the worst disaster’s I’ve ever seen. It takes a lot to make me dis a Christmas movie, but this one is just plain bad. So avoid it under either title.

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