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Alicia Witt, George Stults, Brigid Brannagh, Maxwell Caulfield Dan Lauria

Holly (Alicia WItt) is a sales executive who is in the habit to telling lies to those around her to get what she wants. Trying to get ahead of her co-worker to land the biggest account and a partnership in the firm, she tells a whopper. But the lies she tells to her niece is the worst. She keeps making promises but fails to deliver time and time again. When her niece was performing in a concert and Aunt Holly was a no show again, the girl asks Santa (Dan Lauria) for her one Christmas wish, that her aunt will not be able to tell a lie. Unfortunately she gets her wish and Holly finds herself in real hot water when she has to tell the truth and everyone figures out what she’s really like. But in the process she learns an important lesson about telling the truth.

Jim Carrey’s “Liar Liar” for Christmas. Well that’s pretty close. But they didn’t invent to story either. Aside from the fact that it’s not exactly an original idea, this is still a fitting Hallmark TV Christmas Movie that is premiering in 2015. Alicia Witt is charming as this poor lady with no idea why she can’t keep her mouth shut. She does a pretty good job. The story is funny and heart-warming, and full of holiday cheer. The rest of the cast is very good, and the story is pretty interesting. There are some smaller characters (for example, Holly’s door man from her apartment) that have good back stories and add a lot to the events. The story was filmed in Salt Lake City, and that is one beautiful city, so the settings are very nice. This is certainly not the best Christmas story of all times, nor is it even Alicia Witt’s best work, but given the script and the setting, and the need to come up with new Christmas stories every year, it’s not all that bad and I did enjoy watching it. One additional bonus. Alicia Witt herself sings the theme song from this movie. Thanks Hallmark for another enjoyable couple hours.

Here is the link for the Hallmark Home page for this film!

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