** Ice Sculpture Christmas

Johnson Production Group, Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II,

Tonya Albers, David Alpay, Kwesi Ameyaw, Callie Shaw, Ellis Manning, Ken Camroux-Taylor, Peter Ciuffa, Wayne Cox

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Anna Shaw (Tonya Albers) and David Manning (David Alpay) are childhood friends who have grown up in different worlds. David’s father is a wealthy member of the country club where Anna’s father works as an employee. Anna has always dreamed of being a master chef, and when she is able to get a job as a dishwasher in the club, she is thrilled to be close to the chefs. But there she reconnects with David and the two are good friends with the hope of perhaps more. Anna’s boss, Chef Gloria (Brenda Strong) is a tough one, but she has won the annual ice carving contest for a span of years. David, as a prank, more or less, enters Anna’s name in the competition which angers her as challenging boss could put an end to her budding career, but Callie insists that Anna compete, so Anna makes a pact with David that he will be her partner, and sets out to teach him all she knows about ice carving. What follows is one disaster after another as everything seems to go wrong, but underneath, the romance between Anna and David seems doomed before it even starts.

This is a brand new for 2015, Hallmark Christmas Movie that is a pretty good start for them. Well cast, and well written, the script matches the actors and the actors match the script. The sculpting contest is a good backdrop (if you remember, last year it was a cookie baking contest) for the romance between rich boy and poor girl. It is a tale as old as time, but it’s well done for a Christmas film, and certainly worth seeing. Christmas films are typically pretty formulaic, but that’s what makes them fun. Watch out this year for this one.

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