Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II,

Genea Charpentier, Emily Delahunty, Miranda Frigon, David Haydn-Jones, Erin Krakow, Jill Morrison, Gracyn Shinyei, Laura Soltis, Alan Thicke

Schoolteachers Christie Reynolds (Erin Krakow) and Penny Miller (Miranda Frigon) have a history. Way back in high school a rivalry spawned that kept them in competition for years and years. Now the school is having a cookie baking contest and the two are at each others throats. When a new student turns out to have a handsome father, who happens to be an excellent chef, he finds himself in the middle of the feud without knowing why.

This is also a new Hallmark Christmas film for 2014. This is another romantic comedy with all the good stuff. Jealous rivalry, dirty tricks and sabotage, and the usual collection of dirty tricks. Personally I simply did not think this new film was as well done as the other two. They tried for a real big redemption in the end, but the payoff wasn’t good enough. These two girls were just too trite and trivial, and downright mean throughout the contest that the change of heart really doesn’t fit well. Granted it’s just holiday filler, but there were a lot of other new films this year that were better than this one. It just didn’t capture my attention. Alan Thicke was a bit funny as the master chef chosen to judge each round of the cookie bake-off, but his efforts alone can’t save it. There’s no reason not to watch it if it’s on, but don’t expect as much out of it as some of the other films that are appearing this year.

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