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Catherine Bell, VIctor Webster, Matreya Fedor

Jane McKendrick (Catherine Bell) is a widowed Mom to teen Betsy (Matreya Fedor) who is off for college in the fall. Betsy is a good girl, but when she meets soldier Jackson Hart (Victor Webster) sparks fly as she feels something very special for him. But Jane is not pleased in the least to learn that her daughter is dating a soldier who is just about to be deployed. As Betsy explains that it’s just friendship, Jane probably doesn’t realize it, but the her soldier husband who was killed in action is a little too close to what Betsy is doing, and she really doesn’t want her to have to endure the tragedy that she had to go through and is projecting it on her

Hallmark turns out some remarkable little Christmas stories, and this new one for 2017 first premiered in mid summer during the annual Hallmark “Christmas in July” event this year. This is a charming little Christmas film with lots of holiday spirit, but more than that a story of two ladies at odds with each other even though they love each other deeply. The story is very well done, and the actors pull a really performance from somewhere down inside. There are a good cast of supporting players, and a number of side stories that really pack the two hour movie with a lot of powerful content. Very touching and full of the holiday spirit, but a very well done story as well as there is a lot to think about after this one is over. This was a nice film and very worthy of the Hallmark trademark.

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