** Magic Stocking

Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II,

Bridget Regan, Victor Webster, Iris Quinn< Imogen Tear, Fred Henderson

A widowed Mom, Lindsey (Bridget Regan) is raising her little girl Hanneh (Imogen Tear) and thinks she is ready to try to ease into Christmas decorating again for her daughter’s sake after the sudden accidental car crash that took her husband. Heading out to get some decorations, her daughter is given an old stocking to add to her decorations. Hannah thinks it is a magic stocking because it occasionally falls off the hanger and produces little trinkets that seem to have significance to the different members of the family. Hannah has her heart set on a dog for Christmas, and when one shows up, she thinks its not an accident, but when the owner shows up she has to return it. Everyone is hoping for a Christmas miracle though to set them back on the right path.

This is a cute little Christmas film;. It was new last year (2015) from Hallmark, and is a really nice story. It’s got sad parts, especially when we learn how Lindsey’s husband died. There are double romances in this film, as Lindsay’s Mom and Mayor Fred who are real life husband and wife, Fred Henderson and Iris Quinn have a fun relationship, and Lindsay meets a cute handyman type Scott (Victor Webster) who tries to figure out how to help Lindsey through this. There are lots of family values here, and being a single Mom isn’t easy, especially around the holidays. I was delighted when this came on and stayed up into the wee hours watching it to see how it came out. This is a worthwhile story.

Here is the Hallmark Channel page for this movie.

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