Hallmark Channel,

Lacey Chabert, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Nikki Hahn, Florence Henderson, Mary-Margaret Humes, John Ratzenberger

Melanie (Lacey Chabert) is on her way to meet with her fiance on a business holiday over the holidays but she’s having a hard time getting there. A man who is playing Santa mysteriously strands her in a small town with a co-worker, and plans go awry time after time with a little help from magic, perhaps? Meanwhile, the fiance is waiting for her, but unable to leave to get her, and also stranded at his house under mysterious circumstances. As time passes, Melanie has a chance to think hard about her future, and her plans, and this all may be more about a childhood Christmas wish that was never granted until now, than it is about getting to where she thinks she’s headed.

I gotta say, this was a pretty cute Hallmark romantic comedy Christmas film with lots of beautiful scenery, spectacular small town Christmas magic, and a lot of heart. It’s funny in many spots, romantic in others, and all in all a classic Hallmark holiday film. This is what Christmas movies on TV are all about. Pop some popcorn, make some hot chocolate, start a fire, and cuddle up with your Snuggie and watch this movie. It’s a brand new 2012 Christmas gift from Hallmark. There’s no doubt they can turn out the best romantic comedy holiday movies year after year. This one even has the added plus of featuring John Ratzenberger and Florence Henderson

Here is the link to the home page with all the details on this film.

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