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Mark Ajemian, Nick Apostolides, Julie Marie Berman, Justin Bruening, Katilin Doubleday, Melissa Famigletti, Molly Kunz

This holiday film is a modern day reworking of the Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women with modern times, costumes, and setting. While Mom and Dad are away, the girls hatch a plan to save the family home. Meanwhile, the boy next door attracts their attention, as well as an old flame and a brand new acquaintence to give us some romantic interests. A new version of an old story

I’m afraid the rework simply did not cut it for me. I was kind of excited to see this film, and was looking forward to it, but was really disappointed in the way it was done. Like the Leonardo DiCaprio reworking of Romeo and Juliet with street gangs and drive bys, hearing the March sisters discussing the upcoming holidays and say something to the effect of “We have to throw a Kick-ass party” didn’t give me the feeling of Little Women. The plot vaguely follows the novel, and the character names are the same, but the plot was downright silly. They tried to make it a hip modern tale with iPad’s and Wi-Fi, but the basic things these girls did were really dumb. It just completely bored me. I really disliked all the girls in this family, and found them uninteresting and overly contentious. I think they would have done better to write a better story, rather than butchering a classic novel without giving it much thought. It’s a new for 2012 Christmas film, but one I, for one, could certainly do without.

No trailer available at this point, but here is the link for the Lifetime Channel home page for this film.

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