Rachel Boston, Jonathan Bennett, Marilu Henner

Georgia (Rachel Boston) is 28, and home for the holidays. Mom (Marilu Henner) presents her with an invitation to her high school reunion. Georgia was leader of the glee club, voted most likely to succeed, and there’s no way she’s going to the reunion. She’s embarrassed that she has not made anything of her life. But when a couple friends show up and challenge her, she decides to go with a million lies about who she is to try to win back the boy of her dreams that got away in high school, all the while not realizing that there’s someone nearby who loves her a lot.

This holiday film is all about the party and the relationships between the mean girls that want to crush her, the crush she has on a guy who doesn’t seem to know she’s alive, and the guy who’s always loved her. It’s a cute little Christmas holiday romantic comedy. It’s designed for those of us who have gone on, but who still want to feel like we’re in high school again. It seems that inside each of us is an inner high school student, no matter how old we really are. Somehow, inside, we stop sometime around 18 and just stick there. These kids definitely don’t act like they’ve grown up. But that’s the fun of it I guess, and those of you (you know who you are) who love sappy romantic comedies are going to love this. But be forewarned. It certainly is sappy. It’s most for 18 year old girls and those who have the 18 year old girl trapped inside and want to live that again. If that’s you, you’ll love it.

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