Daniel L. Paulson Productions, Pitchblack Pictures,

Callum Seagram Airlie, Ben Cotton, Antonio Cupo, Autumn Resser

As Thanksgiving approaches, Chicago prepares for it’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Emily Jones (Autumn Reeser) is the coordinator and trying to make a spectacular parade. Henry Williams (Antonio Cupo) arrives as a financial consultant to review the financial aspects of the parade, and Emily is shocked to find out he thinks its not a profitable endeavor and should be scrapped. Emily is engaged, but things are not going well, and through her struggles to convince him that the parade is worth more than simply dollars and sense, she finds somehow she is falling for him.

This is a brand new holiday film for this year that is a romantic comedy and nothing much else. It’s a good romantic comedy and it delivers as well as any. There isn’t anything else going on, so this is definitely a chick flick, nothing more, nothing less. It’s a fine new Hallmark addition to the holiday lineup, but will have a narrow audience. This is not a classics holiday film, but is definitely going to have it’s fans. If you’re looking for a love story, then this is a good one.

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