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Ralph Macchio, Hamza Adam, Marlee Grace Becker, Allie Bertram, Garrett Clayton, Erica Eleniak

Ruben (Ralph Macchio) is a former dance champion who was sidelined years ago due to an injury. His son comes to live with him while he mourns the lost of his mom, whom he blames his Dad for deserting years ago. The big dance contest, the “Holiday Spin” is coming, and everyone is wondering whether Ruben’s son has the skills to knock off last years champions while Ruben and his son try to find some common ground to build on for the future.

Sorry, but this film just did not catch me. It’s a new film for 2012, but to call it a Christmas Movie is stretching it a great deal. The dance contest is called “Holiday Spin” and the music is Christmas music, but the story is as old and worn out as you can imagine. This is just like every other dance movie that has ever come along. The bad guy is a great dancer, the new kid is an outcast, and doesn’t want to dance, but they talk him into it. Then there’s a big showdown. Very little has anything remotely Christmas like. Instead it’s simply a dance movie set around Christmas. I’m sure there is a market for this. Dance fans might like it. I’ve found the years of being forced to watch Dancing With the Stars has given me some knowledge of dancing. I know what a Paso Doble is now. Then there are a few Ralph Macchio fans left, especially since his Dancing with the Stars adventure. But unless you fit into one of these two groups, you’re not going to be very happy with this Lifetime movie. I appreciate them brining us new Holiday films and I’m sure it’s tough thinking up new stories, but they’re going to have to do better than this to make it worth while for the viewers.

[Here’s the link to the Lifetime page for this film]

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