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Emmanuel Vaugier, Carrie Fisher, Oliva Cheng, Rebecca Davis Carson Kressley

Carol Huffman (Emmanuelle Vaughier) is a heartless publishing executive who inspires terror on her struggling employees. She’s visited on Christmas Eve by her former boss Eve (Carrie Fisher) who ran the publishing house in a way different manner, not focusing on the bottom line, but rather with kindness a caring, unlike Carol. She plays the part of the ghost showing her her past, the future, and possible futures if she doesn’t learn her lesson. Eve wants her to take the time she has to look at the errors of her ways before it’s too late.

This is obviously another knock off of the Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. As you probably know, if you’re a follower of EdsReview, I am a total sucker for Scrooge stories. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest stories ever written. People have studied the origins of this Christmas ghost story, and it’s just about as fantastic as the story itself. Dickens sat down to write this story for one reason only. He was flat broke and needed the money very badly. So he sat down and penned a story that will live forever and many folks give him full credit for saving the Victorian Christmas we celebrate today, as it was nearly dead when he wrote this story. But this movie has some major differences from the original. That’s ok though, as this is one of the modern takes on the story likes dozens of others. Carol is a real meanie, and her conversion is sudden and abrupt. In fact, the weakness may be in that they went for so much background on the other characters that they didn’t have enough time to devote to the make-over that they should have. Still, it’s a pretty good story. It gets a bit annoying after a while to have Carrie Fisher play the role of all the ghosts, but I have seen other versions that play out this way, and it’s ok. Emmanuelle does do a pretty decent job in the lead role here, and it does fit in with the spirit of the season. So if you can take another modern day take on the old Christmas Carol, this is a brand new for 2012 version showing on Hallmark all month.

Here is the link for the Hallmark home page for this film.

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