** A Carol Christmas (2003)

Hallmark Entertainment

Tori Spelling, Dinah Manoff, William Shatner, Gary Coleman, Michael Landes, Paula Trickey, Nina Siemaszko

This is another variation of A Christmas Carol,  and another one with a play on the title.  Carol (Tori Spelling) is a Talk Show Host and a real pain in the rear.  She doesn’t know how treat people and is a real diva.  Carol is in for a surprise as three ghosts appear and teach her the error of her ways.   I am a true sucker for the Ebenezer Scrooge story, and one of my traditions is to watch as many versions of A Christmas Carol as possible.  Not necessary the best twist on the story, but a good one.  This is one time when Tori is able to win you over and she does a wonderful job of the transformation from a witch to a nice person in one night.     Tori Spelling is not the greatest actress on the planet by any stretch, but she does do a decent job playing Carol.

Another clever thing in this made for TV movie is the special people they brought in to play the ghosts. It’s one of the funniest parts of this heartwarming Christmas tale.  You’ll crack up at the way the ghost of Christmas Past transports Santa around from place to place.  It’s an intentional tribute!   If you get a chance to watch this one, go for it.  It’s not Shakespeare, but it a guilty pleasure.

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