** A Wish for Christmas

Sodona Entertainment Inc,

Lacey Chabert, Paul Greene, Andrea Brooks, Colleen Wheeler, Kendall Cross

Sara (Lacey Chabert) is an up and coming web designer for an advertising agency whose boss has been stealing her designs and claiming they are his own. She hates confrontation and lets him get away with it, but now it’s too much. At the company Christmas party, when he takes her latest idea, she can’t take it and leaves the party and plans to quit. But on the way out she bumps into Santa who gives her a special card with a gift, a free wish, which will last for 48 hours. Her wish is to be able to speak what is on her mind, and she returns to the party to call out the sleazeball who stole her idea. Before she knows it, she and her boss are on the way to a ski resort to meet the biggest client in company history, and she has to present the idea to the executive even though he’s a real jerk to her.

This is a new Hallmark Christmas Movie and is on their 2016 schedule of new films. Lacey Chabert is really good at these kind of movies. She has a Sandra Bullock kind of girl next door aura around her, and plays this role to a T. There are additional sub plots going on too. Among them, her boss really hates Christmas and is a real Scrooge. Meanwhile he is estranged from his family and a chance meeting with them brings out the “fixer” mode of Sara, and of course there’s a cute romance. This is a typical Hallmark holiday film, but a pretty good one, and a nice movie to wrap your presents by. See it all season on the Hallmark Channel.

Here is the Hallmark Channel webpage for this movie.

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