** A Song for Christmas

The Hallmark Channel,

Becca Tobin, Kevin McGarry, Kendra Leigh Timmins

Adelaide Kay (Becca Tobin) is a country star who is rising fast, but only by abandoning what is in her heart and following the demands of her producer making her into a talking head that has every song sounding like the last. When she’s accidentally left off the bus, traffic issues and a bad storm has prevented them from picking her up. Meanwhile, a nice girl notices her plight, and brings her home to stay with their family. The Lapp family owns a Christmas Tree that they are about to lose due to bad luck and unexpected expenses. As Addie stays with them, she learns to care about this wonderful family and their plight, and that they also have a handsome son, Dillon Lapp (Kevin McGarry) who loves music as much as she does, but has given up his shot at a career to support the family business. Addie and Dylan have to each look to see what each of them really want.

This is a simple Christmas film that was cute enough, but just not firing on all cylinders. We’re supposed to believe that this gal is a huge country star, but we have no evidence of that. They have one mediocre song right in the ending of the movie that shows that they do sing, but everything in this movie seems to be just scratching the surface. The movie fits the entire 2 hour time span, but does not really delve into anything. We just seem to skim along the surface of all the contrived problems in this movie. I didn’t despise this movie at all, it is light and fluffy and won’t fill you up, but there are so many better movies this year, and this just didn’t quite strike me as one of the better ones. Still, it’s a nice family, and if they do save the farm, I’d be glad to go live there with them.

Preview plus a sneak peek:

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