Chesler/Perlmutter Productions,

Lindy Booth, Melanie Brown, Robin Dunne, Casper Van Dien, Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus

Cherie Jameson (Lindy Booth) is a Librarian in a small town where a corporation wants to close down the library, tear it down, and develop the project. Cherie wants to save the library at all costs, but cannot convince the son of the wealthy developer to save the library, so she decides to hold a contest where people decorate a tree according to a theme that they choose, and they will be displayed at the library until Christmas when a winner will be chosen by the developer’s grandmother, in an attempt to change his mind and save the library in this Lifetime Christmas movie/romance.

This is a delightfully different Christmas movie from Lifetime. It was unexpectedly charming. One of the minor roles is played by Melanie Brown aka. Mel B, who is very devilish and full of dirty tricks to try to rig the contest. The town is very charming, and the characters are very likable. Each of the themes for the tree is really special, as there was a lot of dedication spent in writing the back stories for each of the decorators and why they chose the things they chose to represent what is important to them. Meanwhile, the story is strong and the leads are really good. All in all this was a refreshing story, quite original in many ways (although there is only so much you can do with a Christmas movie after all) and it was pleasure to watch this. It will be repeated throughout the season and is also available on-line from Lifetime and from Amazon via streaming. There’s no excuse to see this one!

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