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Marla Sokoloff, Patrick J Adams, Lindy Booth, Jonathan Cherry, Shawn Lawrence, Art Hindle

Gina (Marla Sokoloff) and Seth (Patrick J Adams) have been pen-pals for 13 of years. They had an agreement that they would never met, and have never even talked on the phone, as they were strictly pen-pals. But when both of them unexpectedly get a trip to Boston before the holidays, they’re both petrified because even though they really like each other, they both used pictures of their best friend to send to the other to hide their insecurities. So both insist their friends take their place to meet the other. To make matters worse, the impostors can’t remember the lies they were told to tell, and the two “friends” hit it off together and are ashamed at having feelings for what each thinks is their friend’s special person. Then, as a last straw, the two shy friends meet each other without realizing who they really are. It’s a Christmas fiasco!

This original ABC Family film is a moderately interesting Christmas film. It’s not a wholly original story, of course, but it’s passable as a teener Christmas film. The two leads are pretty decent, but the two “friends” didn’t strike me as very into their roles. It’s not riveting, and it’s not overly sappy, but it’s a typical “wrong place, wrong time, too many lies” movie. There’s not a lot of Christmas spirit, but plenty of mix-ups and misunderstandings. Keeping that in mind, there is certainly an audience for this type of Christmas film, and it’s pretty very well done. It’s not my cup of tea, but I didn’t want to rate it badly for those who will really enjoy it. If you’re into the teen angst genre, for goodness sake, watch this film, but if you’re looking for the Christmas spirit, there are many other great choices to pick from.

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