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Peter Benson, Michael Shanks, Michelle Creber, Erin Karpluk, Michelle Kim, Michael Patric, Rukiya Bernard

Mary (Erin Karpluk) wants to cheer up her ailing grandfather. Her Dad is about to send him off to a nursing home as he is getting weaker and weaker. On a trip to the country, she finds a little girl who needs help, only to find out that she lives in the “Christmas Lodge” where she and her family spent many wonderful Christmases when she was a child. Finding the lodge in bad shape, basically falling down, she enlists her family who are contractors to help her childhood friend Jack (Michael Shanks) who lives with his daughter in the lodge by doing the repairs to bring the old building back into shape. Her dream is to bring her grandfather here for one last family Christmas together to make memories that will last forever.

This is a beautiful Christian Christmas film. The scenery is spectacular, and the views take your breath away. The little girl and her dog are charming. So what’s wrong with this film?

Well, there are a couple problems. First and foremost, it’s a romance, but the chemistry between the two is really weak. They just don’t seem to really like each other so much. Finally, there is a pretty “in your face” Christian message to this film that will turn off some people. But did I mention the scenery is spectacular?

Essentially this is a typical lifetime type Christmas romance, and it works at that level if you can deal with the weaknesses. I didn’t hate this movie as some reviewers did. I actually enjoyed it, but there are certainly other films that are much better than this. But if you get a chance to see this film, I say go right ahead. It’s a good enough film to bring on the Christmas Spirit. And did I say the scenery is spectacular!

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