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Melody (Jennie Garth) is a high powered retail developer who is sent to her little hometown to make plans to build a department store. While visiting the home they are buying on the lot where they are building the store, she sees her ex whom she left when she went to the city. While checking out the location, some building materials fall and hit her on the head and puts her in the hospital. But when she wakes up, she is in an alternate life where she stayed and married the guy. She still remembers her old life, and now takes the side of the townsfolk against the people planning to tear down this old house.

Jennie Garth is pretty good in this role that many have played before in one story or another. The “wake up in an alternate reality” has been done over and over again. This one isn’t any better, but darn it, it’s just as good as the others too. It’s now done with new people in a new location, with new twists and turns, so I really enjoyed watching this film. Granted, this is not my favorite of this genre. [Click here to see my review of Comfort and Joy which is my favorite!] This is a new ABC Family produced movie for 2013. The story is rather predictable, although the way they handle the reality jumps is rather unique and makes it rather interesting. There is a great deal of humor that adds a lot to the story, and the things she remembers from her “other” life adds a lot of ammo against the evil corporation. All in all it’s a cute Christmas themed romantic comedy which is well worth catching on ABC Family if you can. This movie will be replayed on ABC Family on Wednesday 12/18/2013 – 7:00am on ABC Family. It’s one of the more enjoyable of the new 2013 films I’ve seen so far, and if you have a chance to watch it or set the DVR, this is a decent holiday film. I recommend it.

[There is not a home page per se, but here is a site with a lot of info about this film.]

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