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Jennie Garth, Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold, Jay Mohr, Nikki Cox, Catherine Hicks

Jake (Brad Rowe) and Susan (Jennie Garth) have no idea what’s about to happen, but their dogs fell in love at first sight. Soon Jake and Susan are falling for each other too. Soon they’re planning a Christmas Day wedding, but there are complications, including a bunch of kids, despite the fact that Jake is a country boy, and Susan is a city girl. Then, to make things worse, Susan has just been offered a new job in the city by her manager (Tom Arnold). It looks like the wedding may never happen?

Well, every new Christmas film can’t be a winner. First of all, we have dogs that fall in love, but worse, they screw with their owners to try to force them to get together so they can be together, and the worst…..the dog narrates the whole movie. Well, if you think this is the plot of 101 Dalmations, it is, but that was cute in 1961. Now it’s kind of annoying.

The movie has the usual stuff. They fall in love, and then things get complicated and they have problems that seem insurmountable, but the doggies get them back together in time for a Christmas Wedding. Oops, spoiler alert…belated. What do you think would happen?

I have never been a Jennie Garth fan. She seems like a nice enough person, but her acting is very stiff. She seems like a cardboard cutout to me through most of the movie. Huge decisions seem to just go by with very little attention. The dogs are cute fun, if you’re under 12 years old, but the movie is a bit sappy and very contrived. It didn’t resonate with me, and I just didn’t care for it very much.

Now for the younger folks, they will never get enough doggie movies, and this one will probably entertain them a lot, but unless you’re accompanied by the under 12 crowd, it’s probably wise to look for something a bit edgier. There’s just not much heart here. Sorry.

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