** Holiday Road Trip

Monogram Pictures,

Ashley Scott, Patrick Muldoon, Kip Pardue, George Hamilton, Shelley Long, Mo Gaffney, Essence Atkins, Jerry Lacy, Susan Olsen, Wink Martindale

Pat (Patrick Muldoon) and Maya (Ashley Scott) both work for a large pet supplier. They are completely opposite. Maya has recently broken up with her long time boyfriend, and Pat is the owner’s son. The two of them are sent out on a cross country journey with Scoots the dog mascot of the company and a major celebrity himself. Company owner Max (George Harrison) may have ulterior motives for sending them out together, but little does Maya know, but her ex is chasing them as fast as he can to try to win her back.

This is one of those road trip movies where everything that can go wrong, does. Pat and Maya are like oil and water and are at each others throats the whole time. So naturally we know that sparks are going to fly one way or the other. This is not a really specific Christmas movie, theme-wise, but it does have lots and lots of snow and bad weather, and it does take place over the holidays. Scoots is a prop, and though he’s a really cute little Jack Russell Terrier, he doesn’t have much to do here other than act as a key to getting into all the places where dogs are not allowed. This is a pretty funny film. Patrick Muldoon is pretty funny in a Steve Gutenberg sort of way. Ashley Scott, on the other hand, is the uptight, always do right way, so they really irritate each other. The movie is light and funny and no problem to watch, but it’s not anything groundbreaking here. It’s very familiar. But it is out on DVD and is a different Christmas movie that you probably haven’t seen before. It’s worth watching, but it’s not really necessary to go searching for this one. Just a mildly humorous story of a long trip across the country by two people who both love and hate each other.

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