The Alberta Film Development Program Foundation for the Arts, Walking Distance Productions

Tom Cavanagh, Ashley Williams, Lynley Hall, Janelle Cooper, Viv Leacock, Hal Williams, Chantal Perron, Irene Karas, Patrick Fabian

Sequel to Snow, Snow 2: Brain Freeze is the second outing with Tom Cavanaugh as Santa (who’s regular name is Nick Snowden)  This one starts with Nick in trouble as he forgot to spend Early Christmas with his wife Sandy (Ashley Williams) due to all the pressures of work.  This causes a fight, and Nick walks through the magical mirror and ends up with amnesia.   Sandy decides to help and tries all she can to help him remember who he is before Christmas Eve.  But once their old nemesis Buck Seger (Patrick Fabian) finds out Nick has lost his memory he figures it’s a good chance for him to use it to his advantage and grab some payback on Nick and Sandy at the same time.

This is a worthy sequel to Snow (see previous review).  The same actor and actress are back along with Buck.  Like the first movie, there are lots of side characters as well which adds to the humor.  I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first outing, but it nice for the same reasons.  The humor is quick witted, and Nick is such an unusual Santa, not the usual jolly fat man.  And I surely hope Nick gets his memory back before Christmas is ruined for all the little kids.  🙂

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