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Steve Guttenberg, Crystal Bernard, Dominic Scott Kay, Armin Shimerman, John Wheeler, Marcia Ann Burrs, Mariette Hartley

Nick (Steve Guttenberg) and Beth (Crystal Bernard) met last year when Nick took over the family business of delivering presents all over the world on Christmas Eve. They planned to get married, but were trying to hold the perfect wedding, and with their busy schedule, they kept putting it off. Now Nick finds out that Christmas is doomed without a Mrs. Claus, and the wedding must take place before Dec 24th or else. There’s not much time, so they pop down to Beth’s Mom, Joanna’s (Mariette Hartley) place to get her help to set it up. Turns out though that Joanna is an 11 on the 1-10 scale of unbelievers! Nothing’s going right, and even Beth’s ex boyfriend Mark (Roark Chitchlow) shows up to try to mess things up. But when the ex-Santas, Nick Sr. (John Wheeler) and Mrs Claus (Marcia Ann Burrs) meet Joanna’s friends and family, everything is a big mess. Can Nick make everything right before Christmas Eve?

This is the sequel to the movie Mingle Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. Neither are very good, in most people’s opinion. Steve Guttenberg is ok in the right type of movie. I thought he was good in the Police Academy series, and in Tower or Terror. I really like him. But he has to be the worst Santa Claus of the whole collection. Well, no, take that back. Tim Cavanaugh (who I also like in the right film) was worse in the “Snow” movies. But I digress. Steve’s forced “Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho” drives me nuts sometimes. (Besides, I thought the rule for Santa was that it was on 3 Ho’s, never more!). Crystal Bernard is Mrs. Santa. She’s really a pretty decent actress most of the time, and an awesome singer, but she seemed to realize there wasn’t much emotion in this film, so she pretty much mailed this one in as well. I can watch these films, as they aren’t so bad that you have to turn the off, but if anything else was on, I would pass on these films. The story is a decent concept. Compare it to The Santa Clause 2 which is a similar story, and much better done. So, I can’t really recommend this very high.

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