Ardent Producations, Legacy Filmworks, Viacom Productions

John Dye, Kathy Ireland, Mary Donnelly-Haskell, Wayne Thomas Yorke, Lloyb Berry, Arturo Gil, Ashley Brown, Matthew Walker, Ken Camroux, James Kirk, Kirsten Prout

This sequel to Once Upon a Christmas continues right where the first one ends.  Kristen is concerned because she has no memory of who she is, or how she got to the Morgan’s, and Rudolfa is still upset that Santa would not let her take over.  In fact, for all her naughtiness, she was required to do a lot of chores.  But she has a plan for revenge.  Sell of the North Pole, piece by piece, secretly. Her plan is to turn the secret Santa Workshop of the North Pole into a casino.   So she turns to TV commercials to pull off the plan.  Will little sister Kirsten and the two children be able to stop Rudolfa before her evil plan is realized and before Christmas is lost forever?  Well that depends on whether Kristen can get her memory back.

A clever sequel to the original story that was really needed.  It ended abruptly and we didn’t know what happened to her after the awful events at the ending of the first film, so we really needed a sequel.  We aren’t disappointed in this respect.  We needed some answers.  This film isn’t quite as good as the first, but close.  But the continuation of the story makes this a good sequel  The kids have grown a year, and most everyone is back form the first, so if you see the first, be sure to catch this one too and see what happened to Kristen after the fire.

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