** Snowglobe (2007)

ABC Family

Lorraine Bracco, Ron Canada, Luciana Carro, Josh Cooke, Ennis Esmer, Erin Karpluk, Matt Keeslar, James Kot, Christina Milian, Jason Schombing, Kailin See, Christine Willes

Snowglobe premiered on ABC Family in 2007 and was an instant hit.   Angela (Milian) is a single lady with a large family in the food business.  They run a deli, and Angela works very hard there, but she loves Christmas.  Her family doesn’t share her love of the holidays though, and they’re very loud and her mother is always setting her up with someone.  Things seem out of control and she just wants some peace and quiet.   Suddenly a Christmas snowglobe arrives in the mail, and Angela is transported to the perfect Christmas inside the globe.  She finds a way to get out of the snowglobe by following a path through the edge of the woods, and can return every time she winds the snowglobe.

She thinks she’s found the perfect Christmas, but problems just get worse until it comes to a crashing climax.

Snowglobe is a clever little story that is well acted and has a fine story that what we think we want is often not really what we want.   It’s about striving for something you want so badly only to find out that you’ve put yourself in the wrong place after all.

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