** A Snow-Globe Christmas

2 x 2 Productions, The Asylum,

Alicia Witt, Donald Faison, Christina Milian, Trevor Donavan, Art LaFleur, Steve Tom, Francia Raisa

Meg (Alicia Witt) is a hard nosed producer of TV Christmas movies who is a slave driver. Her own hatred of the holidays is passed on as she makes the cast work throughout the Christmas holiday. An elf like delivery person shows up (Christina Milian) who points out the meanness in Meg’s demeanor to no avail, but an accident with a snow globe knocks Meg in the head and she wakes up in the perfect little town inside the snow globe only to find she is married and has two kids and is the producer of the town Christmas Pageant. Meg has to struggle to find out who she really is and what she values more than work as she gets to know the townsfolk and see more in them that what’s on the surface.

The first thing that smacks me in the face when watching this is that she’s working her team so hard on Christmas Eve to make a Christmas movie for TV. These are made in June or July, so there’s no reason to be working like this in the middle of the holiday season when it’s way too late to be doing this anyway. Yeah, I understand that it could have been a live production on Christmas Eve, but it wasn’t. But we’re supposed to put this aside and suspend belief for a minute. This is a very nice little story, with more detail and richness than some of the other films. In fact, I must admit that with dozens of movies to watch this season for review, I actually watched this one twice. I am kind of a sucker for these “fall asleep and wake up in an alternate reality” movies, and this is a classic one. This is a well done Lifetime premier Christmas movie for 2013.

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