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Christian Martyn, Eddie Steeples, Jodelle Ferland, Doug Murray, Malcolm McDowell

Finn Baxter (Christian Martyn) is a video game loving youngster who moves with his parents and big sister to Maine for Mom’s job. The kids despise the area and having a hard time fitting in to the new school and new neighborhood, but the worst part is that Finn is convinced the house is haunted. He decides to setup some traps to capture the ghosts. On an evening before Christmas when a snowstorm traps their parents across town, Finn and his sister are left home alone when – not the ghost – but 3 real life art thieves break into the house to steal a valuable painting belonging to the house’s previous owner.

Well, this one ought to finally kill off the Home Alone series. The first one was wonderful, and the second one wasn’t all that bad, but in this, the 5th Home Alone film of this so over series, jumping the shark doesn’t even apply. The shark was jumped so long ago it’s died of old age. They’ve totally given up trying to relate anything to the original films, and have gone completely haywire. They do, however, put a cute little kid on the cover cupping his cheeks in the Macaulay Culkin pose, hoping to coax you to watch this film. Malcolm McDowell is a talented actor, but he’s certainly no Joe Pesci, and the story is pretty horrid. It’s just really fluff, trying to get something on film to put in the box with a cute kid on the cover. I suggest you don’t waste your time on this junk. It would be much more fun to watch the original Home Alone again, as I’d rather watch it over and over 15 times than watch this.

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