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Carla Gugino, Kathy Baker, David Conrad, Laura Dern, Patty Duke, Lynn Redgrave, Mary Fogarty, Faith Prince

A Season For Miracles is a wonderful holiday story and one I hate to miss year after year.  Berry Thompson (Laura Dern) is a mom in prison and a real screw up.  Her sister  Emilie Thompson (Carla Gugino) is taking care of her sister’s two little children.  Family Services wants the kids in foster care, but Emilie and Berry agree that the kids need to be together and with the best one to take care of her, Emilie.   So off they go, hiding from the cops.  Suddenly they need to find something to eat, and being that it’s nearly Christmas, they find a little town called “Bethlehem” just off the freeway.  There at the diner, they meet an angel who gives them the way to an abandoned house waiting for the owners niece to claim, but she’s never returned.  So planning to stay only the night, things happen and they can’t leave, so they  move into the life of someone else.  Lies upon lies until eventually it all comes crashing down.  But new friends all over town come to their aid, and Lynn Redgrave plays the wonderful judge who gets to decide what happens to all of them.

It’s a lovely Christmas story and one that’s well worth searching for.

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