** Christmas Cupid (2010)

ABC Family

Chad Michael Murray, Ashley Benson, Christina Milian, Ryan Sypek, Burgess Jenkins, Cara Mantella, Reagan Michelle, Christie Maher, Jackee Harry, Patrick Johnson, Sharon Morris, Justin Smith

Christina Milian is Sloane Spencer, beautiful, fashionable, public relations representative and her first big client is a challenge.  Ashley Benson is Caitlin Quinn, superstar bad girl who keeps getting into one jam after another which Sloane has to get her out of.  On Christmas Eve she takes off on a boat and, drunk as usual, falls over the side and dies.  But Sloane keeps seeing her.  She’s come back as her personal ghost of Christmas past, present, and future.  Sloane has to learn first hand the things she has to change to be truly happy.

I am typically a big fan of Christmas Carol stories, and I enjoy them all from Scott to Stewart to Grammer, to Murray, to the Muppets, to Mickey Mouse, to Mr. Magoo, and everywhere in between.  But this is so loosely based on the story that it doesn’t hardly resemble it at all.  This is about whether or not she dumped the wrong sweetheart, hence the title.  Christina Milian is cute and ambitious in this role, but the script is really weak.  Caitlin tries to play a Lindsey-Paris type superstar, which she’s not bad at, but when she’s a ghost, she has few redeeming qualities.  Everything is jokes and crack ups and teasing the poor living folks that can see them.  Plus the ghosts are not ghosts but alternate images of living people.  I never thought I’d ever find a Christmas Carol I didn’t like, but there’s a first time for everything.  She found true love and made up with her family and friends, but I don’t know that it matters much.  I hope she got what she wanted.  I’m going to switch over to “Barbie’s Christmas Carol” instead.

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