** A Christmas Reunion

Hybrid, Mayor Entertainment,

Denise Richards, Patrick Muldoon, Jake Busey, Catherine Hicks, Parker Stevenson, Patricia De Leon, Jon Briddell

Amy (Denise Richards) is a executive in a large firm in New York City. Life is very hectic. But just before Christmas when she gets a phone call letting her know her beloved Aunt Linda (Catherine Hicks) has died leaving half of her bake shop to her. Amy heads back home to take a look at the property and turn it around as quickly as possible. But it gets complicated when she learns that the other half of the baker has been left to Jack Evans (Patrick Muldoon) to whom they had a long relationship way back in the past before she left him and went to New York. Both are a bit bitter, but because it’s the 50th anniversary of the annual Christmas cookie contest that the whole town looks forward to, Amy decides to stay for a few weeks and host the contest with Jack. Then she is faced with the commitments she has with her work, and the charm of the small town life and the bakery.

This is a very predictable little Christmas yarn. It’s naturally a simple holiday romance with some bumps in the road for good measure. Due to the similarity of so many other better films, I was not really impressed with this film. I didn’t feel any real chemistry between Denise and Patrick and they really do seem better apart. There was just nothing really attractive to the two as a couple. The Christmas cookie contest was not that exciting either, and it wasn’t a big part of the story. There was no real drama there. It took forever building up, and then wrapped up very quickly. It’s ok as a thing to pass the time wrapping gifts or something, but there were a lot better Christmas films this year to choose from.

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