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Hilarie Burton, Gabriel Hogan, Tim Matheson, Lola Flanery

It’s nearly Christmas Eve, and Prancer has an injury and is not able to fly with the sleigh. But without a replacement, Christmas may have to be cancelled. So Santa sends John (Gabriel Hogan) to the little town of Buckley Falls to a small reindeer farm that might have a suitable replacement. The owner, Annie (Hilarie Burton) is having trouble with a nasty entrepreneur, Reginald Buckley (Tim Matheston) who wants to buy the farm by hook or by crook to complete his holdings to build a subdivision. But as John bonds with the little girl, Madison (Lola Flannery), her mother is very suspicious. When the elves steal Frankie the reindeer, John is in trouble and things spiral out of control as things get worse and worse and Christmas may be doomed this year.

This is a really cute little Christmas film with a lot of Christmas spirit and surprise. Gabriel Hogan is really good as the gentle animal expert who is shy around people. THe story is charming and the settings are very beautiful. Basically this has all the charm and Christmas sprit that you could ask for. It is from Lifetime, and one of the best of the batch for 2015. I highly recommend this one.

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