** The Christmas Note

Lighthouse Pictures,

Lynda Boyd, Nicola Cavendish, Jessie Fraser, Leah Gibson, Zachary Gulka, Paul Herbert, Dylan Kingwell, Kelsey Marsland-Anderson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Greg Vaughan, William Vaughan, Gelsy Wong

Gretchen Daniels (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) has moved back home with her young son without her serviceman husband who is deployed overseas. She is sick of moving around and misses her husband, but her son misses his Dad more and writes a note for Santa with only one wish. He wishes Dad could make it home for Christmas. When a man arrives at the house looking for the next door neighbor who isn’t home, he drops the bombshell that he is her neighbor’s estranged Mother’s landlord. He also asks her to tell the neighbor that her mother has died and all her possessions must be out of the host by Friday. When she visits Melissa (Leah Gibson) she befriends her and offers her a hand to go remove her mother’s stuff from the apartment. She finds out the story of why she hasn’t spoken to her Mother in 10 years and didn’t even know she was living in the same town. But when they find a note her mother wrote, she learns that her mother had a child that was adopted before her, and she sets out to find her sibling. But after 20 years or so the trail is cold, but the ladies head out on a quest to find her missing unknown sibling.(

This is a really heavy tear-jerker of a Christmas film with so many coincidences coming true that it gets almost sickening sweet. There are so many plot points that wrap up in the most unbelievable way, that nobody’s life could turn out this perfect. But I guess that is what the ladies love in a holiday romance film. This is truly a girl’s film, and for those who love their stories sweet and sappy and wrapped up with a pink bow and delivered on Christmas Eve, this is one of those films. Guys beware. If you are tricked into spending a couple hours watching this you’ll have different kinds of tears in your eyes too. I found it too sweet for my taste so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the emotions of this buddy film, but I am sure there are people who will love this genre, so don’t let my manly opinion scare you off. It’s a true Christmas mystery story that ends up quite heavenly.

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