** Marry Us for Christmas

Swirl Films,

Malinda Williams, Victoria Rowell, Karon Joseph, Gregory Alan Williams, Marques Houston, Carl Anthony Payne II, Chrystale Wilson, Deetta West, Kristoff St. John,
Dawn Halfkenny, Tara Jones, Donald Polk, Kenneth McKinney, Annesha Sudu,

This 2014 premier movie “Marry Us for Christmas” is the sequel to 2013’s “Marry Me for Christmas” and it picks up where the last film left off. It’s a year later and Marci (Malinda Williams) and Blair (Karon Joseph) are still anxiously waiting for the big day to happen. But Marci has been so busy working that she hasn’t had time to plan for the big day. To make matters worse she may have to Adam, her former fake fiance, to get the big project she’s been striving for. Meanwhile, Blair has been doing a lot of Pro Bono work for the poor folks that can’t afford to pay, and as a result, has run his business into the ground and may have to take a job with a very mistrusted cousin of marci’s. Neither has the courage to tell the other and when they find out, sparks fly. Will there be a wedding at all this year, or is it off for good?

This is a sequel to a movie that I really didn’t enjoy much last year. I just didn’t get into the characters and the story wasn’t that hot. Well, this second go round with the same folks isn’t much better. In fact, I may have even liked this one less that the first. This is a familiar plot, with a whole bunch of people who are close all exploring their various problems and troubles with each other. But the characters just didn’t grab hold, and as a result I found myself bored and my mind wandering much like the first movie. I reread my review of “Marry Me for Christmas” and I could almost copy the same comments for this one. So, if you were really a fan of the original film, then certainly this one will pick you up right where you left off, but if, like me, the first one didn’t warm your heart, then this is just more of the same disappointment.

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