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Torrey DeVitto, Steve Lund, Linda Thorson, Kalinka Petrie, Harmon Walsh

Jennie Stanton (Torrey DeVitto) is a party planner working for Petra (Linda Thorson) the premier event planning company around. When Petra announces she is planning to retire after this Christmas, Jennie is sure she has the job in the bag, but she’s shocked when Petra’s nephew Nick (Steve Lund) shows up working as seasonal help but is going to take over when Petra retires. The community depends on premier toy manufacturer Tyrell’s Toys to provide the best Christmas party anywhere every year, but the new owner is concerned about the bottom line and cancels the party leaving it up to Jennie and Nick to put aside their problems and throw the greatest party ever.

This Hallmark Channel Premier 2014 Christmas movie is a step above a few of the other ones. It’s a standard romantic Christmas adventure with all the trimmings. THe performers are fresh and new, and they are able to handle the roles very well. There is nothing particularly special about this movie, it’s pretty standard fare, but that’s not a bad think in Christmas films on TV. We’re looking for simple stories, holiday settings, and light and easy storytelling, and this is exactly what this is. I rate this one right down the middle because just as there is nothing particularly great about this story, there’s nothing bad either. Catch it if it’s on.

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