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Torrey DeVito, Callard Harris, Matthew Felker, Kenneth Choi, Alix Elizabeth Gitter

Kate (Torrey DeVito) is a psychiatris in a children’s mental institute who is caught in an earthquake. A young man, Nick (Callard Harris) protects her and saves her from harm in the earthquake, but he falls and hits his head and knocks himself out. When he wakes, he thinks he’s Santa Claus, so Kate takes him to the hospital to care for him. While he’s there, he brings Christmas spirit to all the kids, and to the whole place except for Kate’s boss who hates Christmas. As Nick gets closer to the kids, he looks for a way to reach them, especially one troubled little girl, but all the while the sparks begin to fly between Kate and Nick and it becomes very clear they like each other a lot.

This final new 2012 Christmas Movie premier is a pretty nice little film. Torrey DeVito may look familiar to you, as she’s appeared in many different TV series and has a pretty decent career. She’s really a pretty good actress and this movie has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. The patients each have their own issues and troubles. This should be another repetative, “Santa gets hit in the head” movie, but it’s actually quite unique in it’s own way. I suspect this one will be back next year, any maybe once or twice more this season, and if you get a chance to catch this new Lifetime premier, it’s well worth the time and error to see it. It’s a really sweet little gem.

Here is the web page for this brand new Lifetime premier film.

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