** 12 Men of Christmas

Lisa Demberg Productions, Fox Television Studios, Lifetime Television

Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins, Anna Chlumsky, Erin Dilly, Stephen Huszar, Heather Hanson, Jefferson Browne

E. J. Baxter (Kristin Chenowith) is a Manhattan publicist who finds her boss in a compromising position with her boyfriend.  So she quits her job, but finding a new one is proving a lot harder than expected.  The only thing she can find is as a publicist for a small town in Montana who is looking to bring some big companies to town for seminars and conferences.  She’s not finding it very easy to survive in Montana, but she does come up with the idea of producing a calendar of all the hunky guys on the rescue squad to raise money (and awareness) for the search and rescue squad.

Throughout the film, E. J. is fighting with  Will Albrecht (Josh Hopkins).  Throughout the story they just irritate each other to no end.  Naturally this builds tension between them and we know by the end of the film they’re going to end up together, aren’t they?

This film has beautiful Montana mountains covered with snow and everyone dresses warm!  Outside of that, there’s not much Christmas about this film and I’m not sure why this was listed as a Christmas film (and has Christmas in the title) but it certainly is a winter story at least.  Everything is predictable and there’s not much depth to the story, but as a time killer it’s just fine.  I wouldn’t call it great story by any means, but it’s passable.  If you’re looking for a good Christmas movie however, this isn’t is.

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