Alpine Medien Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Larry Levinson Productions

Kelli Williams, Patrick Muldoon, Charles Durning, Bruce Thomas, Shannon Wilcox, Martin Mull, Bridget White, Maeve Quinlan

Holly (Kelli Williams) isn’t looking forward to the annual trek to Mom and Dad’s for Christmas.  Her brother is bringing a wife and kids, and she’s all alone since her boyfriend Ted broke her heart when he was transferred out of town and dumped her.  Holly’s friend Diane (Maeve Quinlan) promises to pick up her spirits with a very special Christmas present.  On Christmas a knock at the door and a handsome guy shows up with a Christmas Tree.  She assumes he is there with her for the day, so they make up a story and she takes him to Mom and Dad’s as her boyfriend.  But in the morning he is gone.  About this time, Ted is back and wants to marry.  Holly has some serious thinking to do.

This is a clever story, a little far fetched, but a typical Christmas story.  You can suspend your reasonability a bit when it’s Santa Claus and a mysterious stranger and only a few days before the window closes and all chance will be lost forever.   I enjoyed this story just the same, and it is really cute.  Martin Mull as the father was a pleasant blast from the past as well.  We don’t see Martin so much these days.   This is not the greatest of the Hallmark flicks, but it’s certainly in the middle there somewhere, and worth the time.

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