** A Christmas Mystery


Esmé Bianco, Ryan Bittle, John Ratzenberger, John Colton, Anne Leighton, Kristen Miller, Sarah Hoffmeister, JoJo Wright, Carol Mack, Robert Neary, Eric Etebari, Mark DeCarlo, Gib Gerard, Ron McPherson, Asante Jones

Rebecca Clark (Esmé Bianco) is going through the things in her recently deceased mother’s house when she makes a remarkable discovery. In the attic she finds a carefully preserved box containing 12 Christmas cards from a man she has never heard of. As she looks at them she see’s it from a man some distance away who wrote such loving things that she was shocked that her mother had never spoken of this mysterious secret lover. Rebecca’s father has been dead for many years, yet she never knew her mother had taken a replacement. So Rebecca who is a reporter by trade, is taking some time from the office anyway, and she decides to hire a private detective to help her in searching for the man who wrote the cards. But it’s not an easy search, as the guy is nowhere to be found. But as the mystery deepens, Rebecca seems to be turning over stones that do not want to be overturned, and she may be in a great deal of danger.

This premier UPtv Christmas film is a little bit mystery and a little bit Christmas story. They mystery is not real intriguing. It’s more like a TV show like Hawaii 5-0 or Barnaby Jones. The Christmas part isn’t too heavy as it’s mostly a double dip love story between Mom and her secret admirer, and Rebecca and the detective she’s hired to watch over her. We know there are sparks, but there’s serious disappointment and double crossing ahead. So it’s a mild detective tale, and a not so fulfilling love story that takes place around Christmas time. That’s why I wasn’t blown away, and haven’t gotten real excited over this film. I enjoyed it somewhat, and I’m glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t recommending searching high and low for this one unless there’s literally nothing better to see.

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