Craig Anderson Productions, Beth Grossbard Productions, Alberta Film Entertainment

Neil Patrick Harris, Rebecca Gayheart, Angus T. Jones, Hugh Thompson, Shaun Johnston, Rob Lowe, Robert Clinton, Wanda Cannon

In this sequel to The Christmas Shoes,  Nathan Andrews (Neil Patrick Harris) has grown and is now a doctor, but he’s returned from his medical residency to his dad’s auto shop to become a mechanic because he is not interested in medicine anymore due to the loss of a young boy on his operating table.  He meets Meghan Sullivan (Rebecca Gayheart) who is a young mom and trying to start up a day care business for single working moms.

Attorney Robert Layton (Rob Lowe) is here too and his whole life changed on the day he helped the little boy buy the shoes for his mother.  Once again the shoes make an appearance, and the lives of the many people cross once again and they find that they may have helped each other without even knowing it.  Nathan is able to once again find the shoes that he gave to his mom, and Robert was able to thank him for changing his life.

This is a very strong sequel to The Christmas Shoes and is very touching and warm.  The music and theme song that was used in the first film returns here, and these films should definitely be viewed as a pair.   This one is every bit as good as the first one, and though it will bring on the tears, it’s a wonderful story, not to be missed.

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