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Kelly Overton, Michael Muhney, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Jennifer Elise Cox, Moses Jacob Storm, Gloria Loring, Mark Hutter

Ali (Kelly Overton) is spending Christmas at work this year after breaking up with her boyfriend last Christmas. She bumps into him and his new girlfriend and things look pretty bleak. While sitting in a diner, she meets Ginny, a spunky but unusual character who tells her that sometimes you get a second chance. Ali wakes up at home, one year earlier with the chance to do last Christmas all over again and perhaps change the ending she chose the last time.

This Ion Television holiday movie is a lot like some others. It’s not really very unique in that sense, but it’s a decent story. I wasn’t familiar with the leading actors, so they helped to make it a bit more interesting because we got to know some more people. Films of this kind typically look back at choices we made, and how life would be different if we didn’t make that decision. This one isn’t any different, but it was touching to see her learn from her past mistakes. What we think we want is not necessarily what we need. Just your average romantic Christmas story like the rest. Not bad at all, but not really that outstanding. All in all, it was enjoyable.

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