Be Your Own Hollywood,

Dean Cain, Christine Lakin, Derek Brandon

Sheriff Rick Langston (Dean Cain) has no Christmas spirit. He’s divorced and seldom sees his daughter. He was expecting a new job, and that didn’t happen, then an old man claiming to be Santa breaks into his home. Between sabotage at the Church Christmas pageant, his daughter’s disappearance, and Santa’s constant urging to get his act back together, Rick is having a terrible holiday, and it’s effecting the entire town.

This little film is very amateurish, but fun enough to be very enjoyable. The story is not nearly as heavy as it seems, because underneath it all, we know that everyone is nice on the inside. A lot of bad decisions and bad choices have caused grief for a lot of people in this little town, but with comradeship and a little helping each other, we feel sure they’ll make the best of it. Seriously, the production on this is like an After School Special, but I still found it enjoyable. The music is light and cheery, and the guy who thinks he’s Santa is excellent. Dean Cain plays his usual crabby sheriff character, but it suits, and he’s actually a good guy underneath it all. This movie has religious overtones, but isn’t really in your face about religion. It’s more about good values and being nice to one another. This is light fare, for sure, but good enough for me to recommend.

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