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Sarah Paulson, Eric Mabius, Richard Blackburn, Dean Cain, Reagan Pasternak, Art Hindle, Louise Pitre, Kristopher Anderson, Mimi Kuzyk

A Christmas Wedding is the story, told via flashback, of the biggest wedding disaster in history.  Ben (Eric Mabius) and Emily (Sarah Paulson) met on Christmas Day.  Their plan was to get married, also on Christmas Day.  It’s a special day for them.   But Emily has a workaholic boss (Dean Cain) that is trying to throw a big wrench into the plan, and Emily just has to go to this meeting just a few weeks before the wedding to meet the Japanese clients on this tropical island off the coast of Florida.  It’s her baby, and she has to see it through so her company gets the deal.  But cold feet and questions dog them, and she has to delay a few days, then comes a hurricane.  Then one disaster after another hits and she “Trains, Planes, and Automobile”‘s the whole thing through camper, motorcycle, helicopter, and just about everything but Santa’s sleigh.   Will she make it to the wedding?

Some of the parts of this were cute.  But Sarah Paulson was kind of annoying for a long time through this movie.  And we didn’t really need to see the poor groom fill in for the bride for a bachelorette party, complete with the male stripper!  Painful.  Of course everything was already set for the wedding, then everything that could go wrong does, and it would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so painful.  But love always prevails, and as different as these two are, they’ll probably be ok in the long run.

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