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Nicole Eggert, David O’Donnell, Tom Arnold, David DeLuise, Shannon Sturges, Sarah Thompson, Patty McCormack, John Colton, Timothy Oman, Caia Coley, Beth Shea

Two lawyers are fighting over a proposal to turn a little mountain town into a ski resort, but the plans are very  different.  Plus upon meeting each other they realize they were childhood sweethearts who lost touch with each other.  Lisa (Nicole Eggert ) wants to preserve the little town.    Rick (David O’Donnell ) is working for a big developer who wants to plow it under and rebuild from scratch.  As Rick stays around the town due to delay after delay, it gave time for Lisa and her friends in town to work on him to save the town.  It’s up to him to remember the value of the small town and that some things are worth saving.  Rick is also about to propose to Reagan (Sara Thompson) until he realizes that she has been scheming behind his back.

This is not a very great film.   There really is not much buzz on the internet for it, and I found it pretty much forgettable myself.  There is not much excitement, and you don’t really care about the people very much.  It’s very plain.  There’s some music in the film that is probably the most interesting thing that’s going on.  Not much to see here.  Just keep moving!

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** A Christmas Proposal (2006), 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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