** Holiday Switch (2007)

Once Upon a Time Productions

Nicole Eggert, Patricia Mayen-Salazar, Bret Anthony, Brett Le Borveua, Stefanie von Pfetten, Kristina Barr, Ernesto Griffith, Kristen Harris, Craig Haas

Paula (Nicole Eggert) is married with children.  Her husband is a good old boy who’s struggling to support his family, but things are going slowly and things are really tight.  Trying to make a Christmas out of what they have is a challenge.  Paula is down in the basement and runs across some old paintings she used to work on, now long discarded and in the corner.  They’re attending a Christmas Party, and there she meets her old boyfriend who is a rich and famous guy who has everything going for him.   She makes a wish that she had chosen him instead.   She falls through the dryer and ends up in the mansion of her ex boyfriend and she finds out she’s gotten her wish and is now married to the rich guy!   It doesn’t take long for her to realize the mistake she made and she wants to go back.  But it’s not that easy to get a second wish!

This is a very derivative movie, but that’s ok.  It’s still fun.  Nicole Eggert was an excellent choice for Paula.  She really has me convinced that she’s tired of her old life and longing for a new one.  Then she is so thrilled with the new life, until she realizes how cold and alone she is and complete stuck in a loveless life.  Not so nice after all.   She does a great job (and the “portal” in the dryer was classic!) of playing the role of the dissatisfied person who gets a strong lesson in how the grass is not always greener!  All in all it’s a well designed and executed Christmas movie and well worth watching.

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