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Louise Fletcher, Kristopher Turner, Jack Shepherd, Lindsay Ames, Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Catherine Disher, Daniel Kash, Lachlan Murdoch, Carolyn Dunn, Sean McCann

Finally a movie about a responsible young man and advocacy for father’s rights!  Matt (Kristopher Turner) is a young boy who’s girlfriend is pregnant and has a little boy.  He wants to marry the girl and build a life for the bot.  Her Mom has convinced her that the best thing is adoption.  She wants to have fun and live and a kid would cramp his style.  Matt ends up stealing the baby to keep him away from the couple who is planning to adopt and he runs away to his grandmother’s house (Louise Fletcher) and hides out there.  They pass the baby off as his little brother, but since his mom and his Grandmother are estranged and at war,  and since he’s willing, but not able to take care of a baby on his own, little by little grandmother convinces him that the way to  deal with this problem is head on and she encourages him to surrender.

There are some problems with this whole concept, but for the most part, it’s a touching and heartwarming story.  Matt is really missing his own family which is why he has such a strong desire for a family of his own, but that doesn’t take away from the strong desire to love and protect this child.  Personally I think Luke will have a great dad in Matt and is a lucky boy!   The Christmas theme is not really strong in this film, but the fact that the family does all come together for Christmas with the required happy ending is really neat.  This is a fine movie of this genre, and is well worth the time spent to watch it.

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