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Billy Ray Cyrus, Ben Cotton, Emily Tennant, Arien Boey, Matt Ward, Jacob Blair, Tom McBeath, Brendan Meyer

No it’s not an Israeli Christmas story.  This is set in Canaan, Texas.  Billy Ray???  Uh oh!   Actually, Billy Ray did a good job and was very understated (and for the record did not sing, no not even Achy Breaky Heart!).  This is a story of two boys growing up in a Texas.  One is white, very poor and the other is black, and lives with his Grandmother.   They never liked each other very much, but an altercation on the school bus breaks out into a fight.   Rodney Grandmother and DJ’s Dad come up with a fitting punishment.  They are going to live together for a week.  DJ at Rodney’s house then Rodney at DJ’s house.  During that time they learned to respect each other which turned into a lifetime friendship.  But one magical Christmas in Canaan they learned what is really important. This is not simply a Christmas story, although Christmas does play a big part of the story, but it follows the lives of these boys from childhood to adulthood and all the challenges and difficulties they face.  The centerpiece is racial harmony and how the boys learned how they are alike and how they are different.   Very nice movie, Billy Ray and all!

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