Head First Productions, Once Upon a Time Films

Daphne Zuniga, Chelah Horsdal, Victor Zinck Jr., Evan Williams, Chad Willett, Julia Duffy

A new for 2010 Christmas movie, this revolves around a micro managing Mom who wants to make the last Christmas with Dad and the 2 sons who are off to college next year, the greatest Christmas of all times (just like every other Christmas she does).  But the Dad and the boys are very involved with all the things they have to do and they just don’t appreciate everything that has to happen to make Christmas happen.  So Mom decides to go on strike and not do ANY preparation at all for Christmas.  This catches on, and a the whole town gets behind the strike and makes her a bit of a celebrity.

I had a lot of issues with this film.  First, I didn’t care for Daphne Zuniga as the mom.  She was whining and controlling and has to have everything exactly her way or else.   The Dad and the kids were way off the scale as rude and uncaring, and completely stupid and incompetent at doing anything at all!   I wanted to get all 4 of them together an slap them all upside the head.  Then whomever cast Julia Duffy as Daphne’s Mom was on some kind of mind altering drug.  They look like sisters, and Grandma is definitely the pretty sister!   They could have switched roles easily and it would have been a little better.  Mostly, the whole thing just left a bad taste.  I didn’t care for either side, and I just wanted them to go do Christmas and stop complaining.  Sorry, but this is a miss!

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