Parallel Film Productions

Ione Skye, Greg Germann, Jamse Cosmo, Jonathan Kerrigan, Michael McElhatton, Sean McConaghy, Scott Graham, Ali Lyons, Jonathan White

OMG! This is the worst Christmas film since Santa Claus vs. the Martians!   Homeland Security shot down Santa Claus, and the FBI is certain the elves are aliens.  They stalking Santa and staking out the hospital!  Santa’s in a coma, but when he wakes up he’s ready to get back to work and get ready for Christmas Eve.

The performers in this DUD are awful.  Sorry folks, but nobody in this film can act their way out of a paper bag, and the story is so absolutely childish and superficial that it’s just terrible.  Then everyone has to get together to defeat the FBI.

Nothing in this pile of junk is believable or realistic in the least.  Please avoid it like the plague!

P.S.  If anyone thinks this is a good movie, I’d love to hear from you!

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** The Santa Incident (2010), 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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